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Rosa Maes

Rosa Mae Place of Play and Employment

Rosa Mae's Abode-model Your Wild West Town is certainly not complete without one of these! This model was created from an old photo of Rosa Mae's located in the red light section of the Ghost town (now State Park) of Bodie, Ca. Photo was from a reference book.
The above photo of the building in N scale came out quite wild and unruly and doesn't show off the best of the building but it seems to have a feeling of a 'spirit' so we used it here.

Rosa Mae lived and worked at home from a small house near the Bodie Cemetery overlooking the town. Sadly, Rosa Maes' house is no longer standing.
What people say...
Great web site and great models. But, can I offer acorrection? You have several models of western buildings fromBodie, Nevada. Bodie is actually in CALIFORNIA.

Funny story though - about 6 miles further East isthe site of Aurora. Big town with brick buildings, I think itwas even bigger than Bodie. It was the County seat for Mono County,CA. UNTIL......somebody discovered it was actually in NEVADA.They moved the county seat to Bodie and, eventually, to Bridgeport.So, Bodie is really VERY close to Nevada, but is in fact a CaliforniaState Park, in California. Anyway, thought you'd like to know.Bernard Wilson

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