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Prison - $3.95


Northleach Prison, Northleach, Gloucester, England

Northleach Prison header This model was commissioned by (guess??) The Northleach Prison Museum back in 1986 and Fiddlers Green Ltd, in turn, commissioned two very special artist friends, Brian White and Jane Anderson, to help with the artwork. 3000 sets of the model were printed and then when we moved FG across the pond to the USA, 2500 sets were left behind and eventually abandoned.. The Northleach Prison model was thought to be lost forever until our friend Lou Dausse at Paper Models International found a copy in his Beaverton, Oregon warehouse and kindly lent us a copy to scan.. He's able to provide printed copies:
There's a little write-up about the prison on sheet one. We've left the Parson's Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire address on the model out of pure nostalgia. There's a thrift shop there now in 2003.
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