Lockeepers House - $1.50

Lockeepers House

Lockeepers Cottage

Lockeepers Cottage,image After walking for a couple hours over some pretty rough paths along the Oxfordshire canal one Sunday afternoon, I noticed a real serious storm moving in from the west. If I could cross the canal up ahead somewhere, I could get back to the studio within the hour via the Old Oxford Road. If I chose to walk back on the same rough trail, I'd make it back but most certainly get wiped out by the storm. About then a lockeepers cottage became visable through the trees a little distance up the canal and I knew I was safe because there would be a lock and there you can easily cross the canal. All that and the fact it's so 'darn cute' won it a place in the Fiddlers Green Waterways Collection. Enjoy! aka "Cottage and Picket Fence" when it was printed in the US
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