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Cake Shop

The Famous Banbury Cake Shop.

Cake Shop,image For centuries Banbury, England has been known for its famous Banbury Cakes since 1638 which are sugared puff pastry filled with currents and dried fruit that nobody else wants to deal with.
The last owner of this ORIGINAL Banbury cake shop (then in a rundown condition), instead of fixing it up, one early Sunday morning in 1969, leveled this fine old registered building. After the dust settled, legal and otherwise, he built a brick boxy building renting it to shops.
This model was designed entirely from old pictures and articles and is included in the collection to honour it's special place in Banbury's history.
What people say...
Dear Sirs, While searching the web for references toBanbury Cakes I was interested to find your page relating to thecard model of the Original Cake Shop. However, I was rather disturbedto read your description of the ingredients of the Banbury Cake- "dried fruit that nobody else wants to deal with".I would like to asure you that only the finest ingredients areused in the making of Brown's Original Banbury Cakes. In fact,Brown's Original Banbury Cakes were included in The Independants"The 50 best British foods" last Saturday. The SundayTelegraph is also due to report on them in the near future. Myfellow director, Philip Brown, and his family were associatedwith the Original Cake Shop from 1818 until circumstances forcedthem to sell in 1967. The family were distraught to learn of theplan to demolish the building and fought hard to try and saveit. But as you comment, the developer was unscruplulous and wentahead with his plan despite the controversy. You can learn moreabout the history of the shop on I intend to develop the site and add photos and more informationin the near future. Yours faithfully Nick Faulkner Director