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WWI Tent Hanger - $2.95

WWI Tent Hangars provided portable temporary storage of planes, protection from the elements, and repair and service for the planes. They were set up by airmen fairly quickly for maintenance and allowed some cover to prevent discovery. We apologize for the wonky photo. If you have a photo of the model please send it in.

The WWI Aerodrome Canvas Tent Hanger

British WWI Tent HangerThis neat little Aerodrome hanger goes pretty much equally with German as well as Allied dioramas.

Instructions on the drawings explain how to make it out of light cotton cloth for extra realism.. It will match your WSAM=1 with a scale of 1:60.

You can print out as many as you wish... Easily made into smaller scales but a little tricky to enlarge...Make your own larger versions out of cardboard.

German Tent Hanger, 1918

The Jasta 12 Lineup of Albatros' at the Toulis Airfield. March 1918

German Tent Hangers and Dr-1s, 1918

WWI Tent Hanger

Tent Hanger WWI

WWI Tent Hanger