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Stokesay Castle - $3.95

Stokesay Castle

Stokesay Castle, one of Shropshire's finest attractions, near Craven Arms

Stokesay Castle Gatehouse,image1 Shropshire's Stokesay Castle ..near the village of Craven Arms
More accurately described as a fortified manor house,pretty Stokesay Castle sits on the English side of the Welsh Marches,
its well-preserved beauty disguising its ancient origins. Notonly is the castle a visual treat, with its charming golden half-timbered
gatehouse encouraging entry into the courtyard, but it also isa rare example of the classic medieval fortified residence. Here,living
accommodations were given the same weight as defensive needs.The entire structure is deceptively simple, but adequately metthe needs of the owners for well over 600 years.
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Stokesay Castle Great hall,image2Stokesay Castle Tower,image3Stokesay Castle Hall rear,image4