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Santa Cruz, CA - $3.95

Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Light house, Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz light house-image This impressive brick edifice at the entrance to thepopular seaside-resort town of Santa Cruz harbor serves as both a harbor marker and memorial to earlier lighthouses and theirkeepers.

A lighthouse was erected on Point Santa Cruz in 1869, and firstdisplayed light from its fifth order lens on December 31. The SantaCruz lighthouse guided lumber and lime freighters in out of the harborduring the
A fourth order lens was installed in 1909,but was replaced by a minor light further seaward in 1941. Its beaconwas darkened during WWII and the wood-and-brick lighthouse was finallytorn down in 1948.

A working brick lighthouse now stands thereas a memorial to Mark Abbott, a surfer who drowned nearby in 1965. Thelighthouse was built by his parents in 1967, and houses a surfingmuseum as well as Mark's ashes, buried beneath the tower.

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Surgeon Dr Jim Cookson, GraniteBay, Ca has been creating fantastic and maticulous paper models for thelast few years. To date(2003), other Cookson models are: Meteor, X-15Rocket, Point Loma Lighthouse

Directions: From Highway 1 South (Mission St.) approachingSanta Cruz, turn right onto Almar its end, then left onto WestCliff Dr. to the lighthouse. From Highway 1 North (Mission St.) inSanta Cruz, turn left onto Bay St. to its end, then right onto WestCliff Dr. to the lighthouse. Open every afternoon except Tuesday

Santa Cruz-doll

Santa Cruz Light, Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz lighthouse porch
This is the porch view of Jim's model. Ya gotta just love the little benches. Add large map pin to the very top as a lightning arrester
The Santa Cruz lantern room is from the Oakland Harbor Lighthouse, which was discontinued in 1966, moved, and converted into a trendy Oakland restaurant.Santa Cruz lighthouse tower Santa Cruz lighthouse roof
Look at the clever way he's modeled the roof cornise. Simple and effective. The good doctor's models stand out as the most innovative around. Santa Cruz lighthouse photo
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