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Jakes Saloon

Frontier Town/Jakes Saloon

Jakes Saloon-model Every wild west town needs a saloon. In fact, they need about 50!
You can make unlimited number copies Jakes Saloon for free of just one when you push the "free download" button to the right

What people say...
Hi Chip, Last week my church had a church building fund raising fun fare and my cell grouped opened up 2 game stalls. The one that I was in charge of was called QuickDraw where the kids used rubber band guns to shoot at gunslinger figurines. I was looking for a western back drop and came across Jake's Saloon. I used the software that came with the HP Deskjet 970cxi to blow up Jake's Saloon by 4 times. What used to print out as a single sheet came out in 16 sheets. Stuck them together, pasted the shapes on cardboard boxes, cut them out and

I also played the sound tracks from "The Shadows" to add to the mood. It created a "Clint Eastwood" kind of a feel :)

We couldn't load the guns fast enough and a queue was forming. After about three hours when the kids ran out of coupons, they got to shoot for free. We had a great time! Thanks for the download,