Magic Keys

1 Year / $24.95
3 Years / $49.95


This is simple and we've been doing this for yours.. By subscribing, you'll receive all the coming year's new releases for about 1/3 the cost by paying ahead.

NOTE: These keys ONLY give you the new releases over the lifetime of your keys subscription, and not models previously released. To get them you can order individually or on DVD.

Simply click 'Keys & Folders' on our home page (see left).

Model Folders

1 Year / $7.50
3 Years / $19.95


Fiddlersgreen Model Storage Folders, that were once free, are now $7.50/year. When you get new cardmodels, you'll need to do either:

Download them to your hard drive (within a week) OR
subscribe to a MyModels Folder, where your models will be accessible and available to acquire updates, new versions, and corrections.

IMPORTANT: Nuthin's going away !
If you haven't subscribed to a folder and forget to download, your models are NOT lost.. They'll go into a virtual folder anyway, safely on our server and available if and when you subscribe. So there is no reason for stress..
If you can't afford the $7.50, there's an "Angel Fund" put together by a few Modeln' Pals that will be happy to help out. Email please.

Update DVDs

Aircraft Collection $49.95
Building Collection $24.95