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Released !!
Amelia's Lockheed Vega
Amelia Earhart / Wiley Post / Lockheed Vega* are in your MyModels folder (or available for just $7.50)
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*two sizes for each with the larger (flyable!) having a wing span of 20 inches.
Email announcement being worked on

Recently Released:
Whittle Gloster E28,/He-178/Trotwood Trailer/Albatros Dva Collection/Sopwith Camel Collection/SPAD Collection/Fokker DVII Collection, P-39 Airacobra, Lockheed Vega

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Minimoa Sailplane
Mitsubishi Claude
Mitsubishi Zero
Mr Mulligan
Nieuport 17
Nieuport 28 & Collection
Northrop Gamma
North American P-82
North American Texan
North American X-15
Panavia Tornado
Piper Cub
Piper Tripacer

Republic F-84

Republic P-47

Sikorsky S-64
Spirit of St. Louis
Stearman PT17

Sukhoi Su-27
Supermarine Spitfire
Vought Corsair

Chips Wish List!

Avro Vulcan
B25 Mitchell
Boeing Monomail
Boeing F4B
Dragon Rapide
Farichild A10
Gossamer Albatros
Grumman F3F
Hawker Typhoon
Heinkel 176
Hiller Hornet
Lockheed F-104
Lockheed Electra
Lockheed Orion
Lockheed Sirius
Lockheed SR-71
Northrop Delta
Northrop XB35
Northrop B-2
P-59 Airacomet

Polikarpov I-153
Polikarpov I-16
Republic F-105
Rutan Voyager
Ryan FR1 Fireball

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Tiny models (Cub,Cutlass,Geebee,Me-262,MS Bullet,Colditz Glider) Print & share with everyone !!

If you've lost your job and need a little help with your annual $7.50 Folder Fee, let us know please. A dozen or so of your Modeln' Pals have contributed to our Angel Fund and have offered to pick up the tab.

Contact us (no phone,sorry)
Fiddlersgreen, PO Box 6045, Apache Junction, AZ 85278

Good News!!
PMI has been bought by Mark Baird and contact info is NOW: phone:1-510-995-8960
Snail address..PO Box: 509 Alameda Ca 94501



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We're looking for a few self starting Modeln' Pals who would love to create unique & entertaining YouTube videos as they do cardmodeling. The winning Pals will build their fav FG model(s), videoing the process from start to finish, and send them to us for uploading

We're looking for originality, descriptive & informative aspects, along with (so much needed these days!) humor. About 3 minutes duration should do it for a normal model. $25-$100 depending on effort & quality. Send videos or YouTube URLs of any of your work to

FYI .. Static Review / Another / More / Kinda primitive Video

Click or scroll down to bottom of this page for FAQs

Why YouTube model videos??
We're absolutely!! sold on the marketing impact of YouTube videos and will be working toward a video of virtually ALL our models. Magically, the video will serve quite well as the model's instructions. We're getting clobbered on Google and see this as a way to crawl our way back up in their standings..
How many people will you be needing?
For now, only one or two with a view to offering someone who 'knows the ropes' a paying position to oversee the small multitude of Modeln' Pals we expect to give it a go.

You're offering $25-$100 per video? Why the spread?
To do a quick and simple video, it wouldn't take much longer than the time spent building the model itself..$25 bucks.
We'd much rather see a great video with lots of creative effort and go with the $100. Even tho, it's not a whole lot but as long as we can afford it, we'll start there.

What, in your judgment, would make an outstanding video?
Like our models, we need visitors to look forward to our videos as we offer more and more ..Can't build traffic any better way
Humor.. Do something funny and entertaining during the filming or with your finished model (Is this linked?)
Uniqueness; Cardmodeling is 'way creative ..You're creative.. Go fer it !!
Narrative: A few shots of you is good and, of course, a good audio or placard explanation of what you're doing.
Don't forget: We'll need a couple shots of the Fiddlersgreen url perhaps (?) at the beginning and end of the clip
What else?

How do I get the video to you?
Please save your videos in MPG format, and email them to me before you post them to YouTube. Looking forward to your entries!

Watch this space













Tutorials being worked on: